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Now that you've chosen one of the most pristine areas on the Gulf of Mexico for your next vacation, it's time to relax and enjoy every moment. We would love for you to experience the very things that keep us smiling day after day.  We provide a variety of personalized adventures that WILL help you create a vacation to remember! Whether you choose to ride a horse over the dunes to the waters edge, or step on board our spacious boat to venture into the waters of St Joe Bay and white sandy shorelines of Cape San Blas St Joseph Peninsula ....We want you to treasure every BREATHTAKING MOMENT!


Snorkeling Trips

Have you ever seen a seahorse clinging to a blade of grass? What about a starfish or a horseshoe crab just under the surface? Can you imagine being so close to the aquatic life that you can actually reach out and pick it up? It is truly incredible to see what lives under the waters of St Joe Bay, Florida. Home to the largest seagrass beds in the entire country, you will be swept away with the abundance of aquatic life mere inches below the surface. What better way to witness these beautiful creatures than with a professionally guided snorkel trip aboard our comfortable boat?

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Sunset cruise Cape San Blas Florida

Sightseeing and Sunset Cruises

The unobstructed views of this areas beautiful shorelines, wild life and sunsets are completely different when you are on the water during a private boat cruise of Port Saint Joe. Your senses are stimulated as you take in the smell of the salt air, the sounds of the waves, and your eyes will be filled with wonder as you take in the vast shorelines and beautiful horizons. If a sunset cruise is on your'll soon realize that each one is a brushstroke from above on a canvas that changes every night!

Sand N Spur Snorkeling and Horseback Riding on the Beach in Cape San Blas

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Scallop Charters (SEASONAL)

St Joe Bay Scallop Season will open (August 16th-September 15th, 2019) The bay is world renowned for it's sweet, succulent Bay Scallops! Folks travel from around the country during open season to try their skill at harvesting their daily limits of scallops. We offer 4 hour scalloping trips that include top of the line snorkeling gear, fishing licenses for all on board, and professional guidance and instructions on finding scallops in the plentiful grass beds and sand flats throughout the bay.  Come let us guide you through an extraordinary scalloping adventure this year!


Horseback Riding on the Beach

Words are not enough to describe what it feels like to cross the sand dunes on horseback. From the back of one of these majestic animals you'll see the Gulf of Mexico like you never have before! "I've ridden on the beach a thousand times, and every ride is as breathtaking as the first" - your guide. I feel blessed to offer you this unique and quite possibly once in a lifetime experience. You'll be able to relax and reconnect during your 1 hour horseback ride leaving from Salinas Park on Cape San Blas Florida.  "In riding a horse, we borrow freedom" - Helen Thompson

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All times are Eastern Standard Time

Snorkeling/Sightseeing departs from Port St Joe Marina

Horseback Riding from Salinas Park on Cape San Blas

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Reservations Required

All adventures are by reservation only. Book early to best meet your vacation needs!

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